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Welcome to New Life

Welcome to New Life Fellowship, where we believe in the power of faith and community. Our non-denominational church is committed to edification through the teaching of Scripture, unity of fellowship, praise and worship, entreating God in prayer, and evangelizing to our community. We strive to create an environment where individuals can grow in their faith and connect with others who share their beliefs.

Join us on this journey of faith and experience the power of community.


Child Care

Children under 3 years old are welcome to come to our Nursery during services. Children from 3 years old to 6th grade can participate in the worship service until the sermon when they are dismissed to go to Children’s Church. If you would rather they stayed with you during the sermon you may certainly keep them with you.

Music Style

We play traditional hymns and modern worship music sprinkled in.


All sermons are centered on the teachings of the Bible and a typical sermon lasts around 40 minutes. We strive to make the ancient teachings of scripture understandable to the modern person regardless of how familiar with the Bible they are. If you’ve been studying the Bible your whole life or have never stepped foot in a church, you will most likely learn something and be challenged by the scriptures throughout the sermon. We encourage you to ask questions you may have about the Bible or topics brought up in any of our sermons.

What To Wear

There is no dress code here at NLF. When you come to our worship services you will notice people wearing mostly casual or comfortable outfits. Whether you want to dress up, or just be comfy, you will be welcomed here. While we do ask that you dress modestly, we really don’t care what you wear – we’re just glad you choose to come by.


We welcome anyone who is interested in finding out more about our faith and to join us in any of our activities, whether you consider yourself a Christian or not. 

Theological Background

We are a Non-denominational Evangelical Church. We embrace all Christians from many theological backgrounds. We are not exclusively Arminianist, Calvinist, Reformed, Charismatic, Baptist, Dispensational, etc., etc. So long as a person believes in the Bible, the Trinity, and the Sacrifice of Christ for our sins, they can be a member of our church.

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